24 years to repay e-toll debts

Sanral calculated the length of time to pay back its debt based on the tariff prices announced on Friday.

Toll road gantry on one of Gauteng's highways. Picture: Sapa.

JOHANNESBURG - South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) revealed on Sunday that from the moment e-tolls start running in Gauteng, it will take upwards of 24 years to repay the debts incurred through implementing the system.

Sanral's Alex van Niekerk said the company has calculated this length of time based on the new tariff prices of 30c/km travelled on the highways.

On Friday, Transport Minister Ben Martins announced the new tariff prices of 30c/km travelled on Gauteng highways.

Van Niekerk also said there is no chance that government will raise the maximum monthly cost of R550, even if they lose government subsidies in the coming years.

"It's only a very small percentage in any case.

"However there is no doubt that the cap will stay."

He says only 0,2 percent of drivers would incur the maximum costs anyway.

The price is down from 40c/km.