Greenpeace: Arrests won’t deter our fight

Greenpeace Africa says it will continue to protest against a lack of clean and affordable electricity.

FILE PICTURE: Greenpeace protesters chain themselves to a fence at the Industrial Development Corporation in Sandton. They were protesting against the use of nuclear energy in Africa. Picture: Shayne Robinson, Freelance Photojournalist.

JOHANNESBURG - Greenpeace Africa on Thursday said the conviction of 12 of its members on a charge of trespassing on Eskom property would not deter them from protesting against a lack of clean and affordable electricity.

The twelve activists, along with one from Groundwork and another from Earthlife, were arrested on Tuesday - while demonstrating at Eskom's head office at Megawatt Park in Johannesburg.

Five of the campaigners were handed fines of R5,000, due to previous trespassing convictions.

The others all had to pay R500 and charges of intimidation and malicious damage to property were dropped.

Greenpeace spokesperson Melita Steele said the three organisations would continue to "put pressure on Eskom to put the people of this country first and stop investing in dirty coal."

Eskom has said the use of only renewable energy will cost five times more what it is currently costing the country to produce electricity.