Dept not to blame for police van blast

The Correctional Services Department will work with SAPS to improve transport vehicles.

The police truck that was blown up with an explosive device. Picture: Shain Germaner/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Officials at Johannesburg Central Prison said they are not worried about security following a daring escape attempt by some inmates on Thursday afternoon.

A prison transport vehicle was travelling on the Golden Highway when an explosive was detonated inside the vehicle as it was slowing down to turn.

The blast killed three inmates and critically injured four others.

Security guards at the facility said as far as they know, no family members arrived at the prison on Tuesday.

The guards said police will be dealing with relatives.

The Correctional Services Department said its security was not to blame for Thursday's incident.

The department said it will work closely with police to improve their transport security vehicles.

Investigators are yet to reveal what kind of device was used.

The police's Neville Malila said while they do know the identities of the three deceased, they are still trying to notify the family.