Green Peace puts Eskom under 'new management'

Green Peace campaigners have staged a tongue-in-cheek take-over at Eskom.

FILE: A Greenpeace activist is seen chained to the gates of the Kusile power plant, east of Johannesburg on 7 November 2011 in protest to the company's continued use of coal to produce power in South Africa. Picture: Shayne Robinson/Greenpeace/SAPA

JOHANNESBURG - About 10 protesting climate campaigners from Greenpeace, Earthlife and groundWork claim they have put Eskom "under new management."

The demonstrators on Tuesday chained themselves to a door at the entrance to Eskom's headquarters at Megawatt Park in Sunninghill.

The protest comes a day after the power utility announced it will ask the energy regulator for a 16 percent power price hike every year for the next five years.

Greenpeace spokesperson Melita Steele said: "We believe that Eskom has failed to deliver affordable, accessible, clean electricity to all South Africans and so we're putting Eskom under new management."

But Eskom spokesperson Hilary Joffe said the company was committed to introducing clean energy, which was included in their tariff application.

"Of the 16 percent that we're asking, three percent is for renewable energy producers."

She said the cost of that power was about five times the current cost, meaning they would have to ask for an even greater increase if only renewable energy was used.