Explosion near Jo'burg prison

Gauteng police confirmed that two prisoners were killed and 15 others were injured in the blast.

Johannesburg Central Prison. Picture: Shain Germaner/EWN

JOHANNESBURG -Two people have died and 15 others were injured in an explosion near the Johannesburg Central Prison in southern Johannesburg, Gauteng police confirmed on Monday.

The explosion took place on a van transporting prisoners from a Randburg court in northern Johannesburg.

Police spokesperson Neville Malila said the driver heard a loud bang just outside the prison.

"There was an explosion in the vehicle. Two of the prisoners managed to escape, but they were rearrested."

The injured inmates were taken to various hospitals.

Malila said all remaining prisoners were back inside the prison complex.

Police are still investigating the exact cause of the blast.

An Eyewitness News reporter is on the way to the scene.