CT transport plan to create jobs

The mayor said the city will create more jobs through the establishment of its transport authority.

MyCiti bus service. Picture: City of Cape Town

CAPE TOWN - Mayor Patricia De Lille on Thursday said the municipality will create a lot more jobs through the establishment of a central owned transport authority.

She unveiled the new system on Thursday, which will combine train services, taxis and buses.

De Lille said the poor will benefit from this establishment.

"We're going to create a lot more jobs in the construction industry. Remember, we're also now extending the MyCiTi Bus Service to Khayelitsha and Mitchells Plain. That will be completed by December, 2013.

"The more we provide transport, the more jobs we create, but we also grow the economy."

National Transport Minister Ben Martins pledged his support to the council.

He also revealed the Bus Rapid Transport system (BRT) will be rolled out to at least a dozen other cities.

"I won't say which cities will get first priority. Our long-term objective is to reach a stage or phase where a passenger can get into a minibus taxi and from there, get onto a Rapid Bus."