Police thwart ‘terror attack’ in NY

Police have arrested a man who allegedly plotted to blow-up one of the New York’s landmarks.

Police stand in front of the Federal Reserve Bank on 17 October, 2012 in New York City. A Bangladeshi national was arrested Wednesday by Federal Authorities for allegedly. Picture: AFP

NEW YORK - Authorities in New York thwarted a possible terror attack, arresting a man who allegedly plotted to blowup one of the city's major landmarks - the Federal Reserve Bank.

Quazi Mohammed Nafis (21), was arrested by the FBI on Wednesday, after he parked a van packed with what was thought to be a bomb next to the building, and tried to detonate it.

Authorities said the suspect came to America specifically to carry out a terrorist attack, and had been looking to target major New York sites.

New York Police Department commissioner Ray Kelly said the city was still a coveted target for terrorists.

But said law enforcement officers were vigilant.

"I don't see how we characterise him as unsophisticated, I mean he was arrested, but he clearly had the intent to create mayhem here," Kelly told reporters.

Other FBI sting operations this year have netted at least one foreign suspect, as well as some from the United States.

In February, a 29-year-old Moroccan man was arrested near the US Capitol wearing a vest he believed was full of al Qaeda-supplied explosives, and charged in an attempted suicide bombing of Congress.

Five self-described anarchists in the Cleveland area were arrested in May and accused of plotting to blow up a four-lane highway bridge.

An undercover FBI agent had sold the men inoperable detonators and plastic explosives.