Cold case suspects 'too dangerous' for bail

Judge Ramarumo Monama denied bail to three of the accused in the Betty Ketani cold case.

Forensic excavate Betty Ketani's grave. Picture: Alex Eliseev/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - A South Gauteng High Court judge on Wednesday ruled that three of the six men arrested in connection with the Betty Ketani's murder are "too dangerous" to be released on bail.

The alleged author of a confession letter that led to the arrests, as well as two policemen, failed in their appeal against an earlier bail ruling.

Earlier in 2012, Eyewitness News revealed how a confession letter found under a carpet at a Kenilworth home helped solve the 13-year-old murder case.

In June, the court ruled that Carrington Laughton and policemen David and Carel Ranger could risk the investigation if they were released on bail.

In his appeal, Laughton disputed being the author of the confession in an attempt to weaken the state's case.

The three men also claim Ketani's body has not been found and the trial will be delayed by DNA tests being done on bones found in a shallow grave.

But Judge Ramarumo Monama found the trio failed to show any exceptional circumstances to grant their release.

Two of the accused are out on bail, while another suspect has opted to remain in jail.

The confession letter, signed by one of the accused, contained specific details about Ketani's abduction and murder.

A man who rented the Kenilworth house is also one of the accused.

The letter further revealed that at least two other victims were abducted.