Kumba miners protest outside police station

Kumba miners are protesting outside a police station after their co-workers were arrested.

Striking Kumba employees protesting outside the Sishen mine on 15 October 2012. Picture: Rahima Essop/EWN

NORTHERN CAPE - Disgruntled Kumba Iron Ore employees are protesting outside the Kathu Police Station after at least 40 of their striking colleagues were arrested during a predawn operation.

Some 300 Employees at the Sishen Mine went on a wildcat strike almost two weeks ago, demanding that their salaries be increased by R15,000.

On Monday, the company decided to fire 120 of them.

Following the arrests, groups of miners started burning tyres outside the mine hostel.

They then jumped on back of bakkies and made their way to the Kathu Police Station, where they have spent the past hour protesting.

Earlier, police moved in on a group of striking miners, who had been blocking the entrance to the mine, they had threatened to destroy billions of rands worth of heavy duty mining equipment, if their wage demands were not met.

It is understood that 40 people were arrested, but it is unclear how many people were injured during the predawn operation.

Early indication suggests that seven people sustained injuries.