Search in Hout Bay resumes

Rescue teams will continue searching for a missing person after a boat capsized in Hout Bay.

Forensic pathologists arrive to remove the body of a man who drowned when the Marashka boat capsized in Hout Bay on 13 October 2012. Picture: Malungelo Booi/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Rescue officials will on Sunday morning continue searching for one person who is still missing after a cruise boat capsized in Hout Bay.

One person died while 37 others were rescued after the vessel capsized near Duiker Island.

A Hout Bay man described to Eyewitness News how he and his business partner rescued dozens of desperate passengers from a capsized boat.

Alan Tardin who was on another vessel received a distress call and responded.

"I shouted at everyone on the boat and told them to get off and swim to my boat. Four people responded and while we were rescuing those four, the boat turned over."

Emergency services said two females who were trapped were also brought to safety.

Most of those on board are believed to be foreign nationals.

But a South African man and woman were also part of the cruise.

Western Cape Tourism MEC Alan Winde said he wants a full investigation by the South African Maritime Safety Authority.