Striking gold miners reject latest offer

The NUM says it has run out of options after workers rejected the latest wage hike offer.

Protesters from Lonmin's Marikana Mine carried traditional weapons as they demonstrated, demanding better wages. Picture: Taurai Maduna/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Striking gold miners have rejected the latest wage hike offer.

The National Union of Mineworkers (Num) says this is a final offer from bosses, adding it has exhausted all its options.

The offer was put to workers on Wednesday night after the union met with the Chamber of Mines.

Meanwhile, Cabinet says the lawlessness that has marred a series of strikes across the country has polluted workers' rights to embark on industrial action.

Wild cat strikes dominated the agenda of its regular meeting on Wednesday.

Cabinet says the right to strike is clearly defined and protected by the constitution.

But Richard Baloyi, the acting performance and monitoring minister, says strikers cannot infringe on others rights.

He says Cabinet wants workers involved in wild cat industrial actions to use existing legal channels, with unions, to address their grievances.

He conceded the industrial relations process has been post, he pointed out the violent and illegal strikes are not helping South Africas image.

Baloyi added the situation is an act of self-destruction for workers.

President Jacob Zuma has also condemned the violent strikes.

Over 60 trucks have been torched throughout the country since the beginning of the truck strike.

One person has died after he was assaulted allegedly by striking workers.

Around 50 people have been killed during strikes in the mining industry in the last two months. Forty-six of those were killed in Marikana during a strike at platinum producer Lonmin.