Life in Blikkiesdorp: One meal a week

Scores of residents from Blikkiesdorp rely on handouts as they are unemployed.

Children play outside their homes in Blikkiesdorp. Picture: Nathan Adams/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Seeing trucks pass through and by Blikkiesdorp isn't an unusual site, but once a week one specific heavy duty vehicle gets mobbed by residents in the informal settlement.

Gift of the Givers cook Amien Fakir says many people cannot wait for his truck to arrive because for many it will be the only proper meal they get that week.

The non-governmental organisation distributes soup and bread to almost 2,000 people at the site every Wednesday.

Fakir says many people went hungry last week as it was too dangerous for him to enter the settlement with his truck due to the strike which hit the trucking industry.

Last week we could not come due to the strike. It was very sad because I know they were expecting us.

Fakir says his massive pots are cleaned out quickly by scores of hungry people.

On Wednesdays we serve close to 2,000 people. Weve got a line for the children, another one for pensioners and adults.

He adds people storm his vehicle to get the weekly handout.

They run up to our vehicle hoping to get something to eat.

The area was established in 2007 as a temporary relocation camp.

Ablution, sanitation and water facilities are shared between sets of four shacks.