Amplats miners stage underground protest

The miners are singing songs of protest against their employer.

Mine shaft. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - Striking miners on Thursday said their colleagues at an Anglo American Platinum Mine shaft had downed tools underground, and were singing songs in protest against their employers.

It is understood a group of striking workers marched to the Amplats Bathopele Mine earlier, to encourage their colleagues to join them in their protests - but police dispersed them.

Amplats fired 12, 000 striking workers last week after they failed to attend a disciplinary hearing in connection with their illegal strike.

Strike committee member Gaddafi Mdoda said they went to the shaft to encourage miners to come up from the shaft and join their fight for R16, 000 salaries.

Two minibus taxis were also burnt nearby, but Mdoda denied the striking miners had anything to do with it.

Amplats management has not been available for comment.