No visits for SA prisoners in Mauritius

Int. Relations Dept. has barred families of prisoners from entering Mauritius.

File Picture: Prison

CAPE TOWN - It's still not clear why several South African families were barred from entering Mauritius to visit loved ones imprisoned on the island.

Around 11 families were due to leave for Mauritius last Friday.

More than 20 South Africans are imprisoned there on mostly on drug-related charges.

Pat Gerber, whose son is also a prisoner said the South African government hasn't explained why they couldn't go.

"Every South African prisoner has the right to be visited. But now we have to wait for a response from International Relations because everything is on hold."

She added that some of the prisoners are desperate to see their family members.

"The longest serving person has already been there for 11 years and he has never seen a family member."