Software company to investigate alleged scams

ShareTrackin' says it goes through extensive selection processes when appointing agents.

Eyewitness News

JOHANNESBURG - A stock trading programme company, whose products have been linked to unethical and misleading sales practices, said all its agents are screened.

Several more people have come forward on Monday saying they were "conned" by companies who sell share-trading software.

Earlier, Eyewitness News reported about allegations against DTS Moneyline Trading, which sells the programme.

Similar allegations were made against another company, Mustang Marketing, which sells the same software.

People described how they agreed to buy a programme called ShareTrackin', which is worth thousands of rand.

They were told by Mustang Marketing they could pay it off in small installments.

Jacques van Zyl said R9,000 was deducted from his credit card, despite attempting to cancel his contract a day after signing it.

"The way they explained it to me, I was not going to pay a deposit. I was only going to pay six months later, if I was interested. But the money was deducted."

Van Zyl said attempts to recover the money have been futile.

After being contacted by Eyewitness News , ShareTrackin' said it will help deal with customer complaints and has contacted Mustang, which agreed to accept van Zyl's cancellation.

ShareTrackin' said it will investigate and deal with complaints against the various companies.

The company's John Morton said they go through an extensive selection process when appointing agents.

Customers who feel they have been misled by these companies can contact Marika Droskie at (012) 940-0800.