Police must pull together

A six-year-old is still recovering at the Red Cross Children's Hospital, after she was shot.

Gang violence plagues the Cape Flats.

CAPE TOWN - A crime researcher on Sunday said one of the reasons gang violence on the Cape Flats continues to increase is because law enforcement agencies are not working together.

Four people have reportedly died in Hanover Park alone in the last few days, while six-year-old Leeana van Wyk is still recovering at the Red Cross Children's Hospital.

She was shot in the head, while playing outside her home in the area in September.

Africa analysis researcher, Eldred de Klerk said, "I think there's an unnecessary political bun fight between the city, the provincial leadership and SAPS.

"SAPS is trying to get on with what they want to do and I think that we've over politicised gangs and crime stats in this province."