City property used for illegal activities

At least 300 homes are being used to sell drugs and alcohol in Cape Town.

Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille. Picture: Chanel September/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Mayor Patricia de Lille on Friday said they have identified about 300 council properties that are used for criminal activities including drug dealing.

She said however they are doing everything possible to ensure that those currently occupying the units are evicted.

On Friday night, de Lille joined the city's gang unit and metro police during a gang and anti-drug operation in Hanover Park and Athlone.

Three men were arrested in possession of mandrax in Hanover Park.

She said they cannot allow this to carry on.

"We currently have about 300 homes that we know are used to sell drugs and alcohol. The raids, that the metro police do, help us to get the evidence because you have to prove to the court when you ask for an eviction order. It is a long and very slow process."

The Western Cape has a huge drug problem.

According to latest statistics, 1,000 babies are born to tik addicts every year.

Many young people are addicted to drugs and that contributes to the high crime rate.