Basic Education DG wants answers

Bobby Soobrayan wants to clear his name after he was implicated in the Limpopo textbook crisis.

One of the primary schools awaiting textbooks in Limpopo. Picture: Andrea Van Wyk/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Basic Education Director General Bobby Soobrayan said on Saturday a probe into his role in the Limpopo textbook crisis will help him clear his name.

Soobrayan responded to a recommendation by the presidential task team probing the textbook saga.

The task team, set up in July this year, examined why thousands of learners had not received textbooks across the province for more than seven months of the school year.

Soobrayan said he and his department were doing their best to deal with what was an impossible funding and logistical situation.

"I think we've gone way above the call of duty," said Soobrayan.

"We've taken on extra duties."

One of the major allegations set against the Director General is his alleged failure to act on a letter he received from publishers in December 2011.

The letter was a reminder that teaching materials had not been procured for the department.

He said the letter did not reveal any information that the department did not already know and were already acting upon.

"We acted in response to that letter, so again it's an allegation.

"The significance to that matter, I think, is something the Public Service Commission will look at."