Frozen corpse over a year old

The frozen body found at Senator Park is a chilling reminder of what the building used to be.

Police tape closes off a crime scene. Picture: EWN.

CAPE TOWN - It has emerged the body of a man found in a chest freezer in the notorious Senator Park Cape Town building, had been there for more than a year.

Construction workers made the grisly discovery in the CBD building on Monday.

The high rise was home to criminals for many years, but was shut down for renovations some months ago.

The doors of all the units were welded shut to prevent squatters from moving in.

L and V Properties' Len Lowings said, "This was done in June last year when the building was vacated. The bars were only removed in the last three weeks. This person has been there for over a year now."

As the murder investigation gets underway, Lowings said the discovery is a haunting reminder of what Senator Park used to be.

"It's a gruesome reminder of the activities that were rife within the old Senator Park. It's just a tragic reminder."