Govt. to announce e-toll launch date

Govt. will make an announcement on Friday on when e-tolls will be implemented.

Tolls sign. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - Government is due to make an announcement on Friday when e-tolls will be implemented.

This follows a Constitutional Court ruling two weeks ago which set aside a North Gauteng High Court interdict against the implementation of the controversial project.

Gauteng residents will know before the end of the week when and how they will be expected to pay to use the province's highways.

Despite the fact that a court review on e-tolling is still due to take place next month, government is allowed to implement it before then.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Thabo Masebe said, "We will make an announcement after having consulted with all the interested parties.

"Our view is that we have made a lot of progress. All interested parties agree with the user pay principle."

It is unclear whether the Transport Department will also announce the tariffs for e-tolls on Friday.

Meanwhile, The Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance said it will continue discussions with the inter-ministerial committee on e-tolls, despite government's plans to push ahead.

Outa chairman Wayne Duvenage is taking a wait and see approach.

"We're still in discussions and negotiations with the inter-ministerial committee on how we can settle this outside of court.

"We'll have to see what transpires; when they're going to launch and how they're going to launch."

Duvenage said the fight to completely scrap e-tolls is not yet over, as the high court is still due to review the project.

The inter-ministerial committee said it was satisfied that most interested parties have agreed on the user pay principle and that the project should go ahead as soon as possible.