Cops search Nico Henning's properties

Police have once again searched properties belonging to Chanelle Henning’s husband, Nico.

Chanelle Henning. Picture: Supplied.

PRETORIA - Eyewitness News can confirm that police on Wednesday launched another search on properties belonging to Nico Henning.

His estranged wife, Chanelle Henning, was gunned down in 2011 just moments after dropping off her son at school in Faerie Glen, east of Pretoria.

In May, the Hawks conducted a similar raid on properties in Hartbeespoort, where numerous documents were seized.

Eyewitness News understands police are looking for documents Nico did not disclose during the previous search.

A team of investigators are at Nico's business premises, about a kilometre away from the luxury estate where he lives, executing the search warrant.

He was not present when officers started the search.

Prosecutors in the murder trial believe Nico had a role in his wife's murder.

But nearly a year after Chanelle's death, the state's prime suspect has not been arrested.