MPs to cough up for traffic fines

CT bosses are clamping down on Mayco members, MPs and cabinet ministers with outstanding traffic fines.

A Cape Town Traffic Services officer on duty. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Cape Town city bosses said on Tuesday councillors are no longer taking chances when it comes to paying outstanding traffic fines.

Earlier this year nine councillors were warned and some arrested for not sorting out their overdue fines.

One of them was a repeat offender, and was not allowed to enter council meetings before paying up.

Safety and Security Mayoral Committee (Mayco) member JP Smith said councillors have learnt to keep their names clean.

"At the moment all of the councillors have paid up. We previously arrested councillors at their homes and took them to court to get the bill settled."

Smith told Eyewitness News , Members of Parliament are also being monitored.

"I have asked officials to scan identification number of members of the provincial parliament and cabinet members who are in Cape Town because what is good for the councillors is good for the MPs."