Somali journalists in SA 'threatened'

A Somali journalist spoke to EWN about death threats he received from Somali Islamist groups.

A Somali journalist in South Africa, who claims he has received death threats from Al-Shabab, shows EWN news reports on the deaths of some of his colleagues. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Somali journalists in South Africa told Eyewitness News they fear for their lives after receiving numerous death threats.

The security situation in Somalia has worsened since the 10 September presidential elections.

Several journalists have been killed in Mogadishu in the past two weeks and Reporters without Borders has implored the international community to address what it calls a "wave of targeted attacks".

One of the journalists, who asked to remain anonymous, said he believed his life is at risk from Al-Shabaab members.

"I was very worried after my colleague was killed, and now they've threatened me. They're saying I'm next. I cannot even leave my house and I can't even stay in the same place for an hour."

He said he could not trust any of his countrymen.

"They are Somalians, they are part of Somali Islamists groups like Al-Shabaab, linked with the Al-Qaeda group."

He now fears he may have to flee once again.

"When I'm in South Africa, they know where I am. Because I have a cellphone, maybe they'll be able to track me and know where I am."

He said he was warned that Al-Shabaab members were in the country.

"They told us they know some Somali Islamists were in Cape Town and Johannesburg, but they didn't tell us who they were."