Rock fall halts Chappies construction

The Chapman’s Peak Toll Plaza has been affected by recent rock falls.

Chapman's Peak site forman checking the wire netting which broke free from the suspended rods. Picture: Carmel Loggenberg/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Construction has ground to a halt at a section of the Chapman's Peak Toll Plaza due to rock falls.

Tumbling boulders and stones tore out some of the wire netting, exposing a few of the strengthening rods keeping the net in place.

Workers continue to go about their business at a large part of the construction site, while the cordoned off section lies untouched.

The site foreman says nobody was in the area when the rock falls occurred on Friday evening.

He believes a fault line in the mountain could be the reason the net shifted and then broke away from the stabilising rods.

The multi-million rand project has been in the spotlight in the recent months after locals tried to stop the controversial project.

Residents argue the area should be seen as a heritage site and should not to be used for financial gains.

The toll plaza is expected to cost R54 million.