Trial of alleged Nigerian bomber begins

The accused mastermind behind car bomb attacks in Abuja, Nigeria, will go on trial.

Nigerian terror suspect, Henry Okah. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Exactly two years after twin car bombs killed twelve people in Nigerian capital Abuja, the accused mastermind behind the attacks is due to go on trial in the South Gauteng High Court on Monday.

Henry Okah is the alleged leader of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), which claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Okah has repeatedly denied any involvement with the MEND, and has instead blamed the Nigerian government for the blasts during a 2010 Independence Day celebration.

He was arrested in Johannesburg a day after the attacks.

The Nigerian national faces several terror-related charges - as well as delivering, placing and detonating the explosive devices.

The state intends calling over a hundred witnesses during the trial, many of them are from Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Nigeria has indicated it will not apply to have Okah extradited.