WC Metrorail improve services

Metrorail in the WC say crime and overcrowding were still major issues.

A Metrorail station in Cape Town.

CAPE TOWN - Metrorail in the Western Cape on Thursday said despite improving its services significantly, but crime and overcrowding were still major issues it was dealing with.

The rail operator said it made major improvements to the overall service over the past 30 weeks.

Crime has been reduced by 40 percent by bolstering security and train cancellations were below one percent.

Metrorail regional manager Mthuthuzeli Swartz said the entire fleet of trains in the province was operational.

"We need 85 trains to run the current service, but over and above that we have added three shuttle services between Nyanga and Cape Town. We also have three additional reserve shuttles for events."

Swart added that more trains would soon be added to the fleet.

"We will be receiving three additional trains by the end of October bringing the total number of operational trains in the Western Cape to 97."

Swartz said despite spending a small fortune on improving services, they were still dealing with other issues.

"I would not be happy until major issues like crime and overcrowding have been fully resolved."