CT taxi situation back to normal

A taxi association says their issues are resolved and they are at peace following membership issues.

A 59-year-old taxi operator was shot dead at the Bellville Taxi Rank on 13 September 2012. Picture: Malungelo Booi/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Cape Amalgamated Taxi Association said on Tuesday all issues involving angry members who refused to pay membership fees are now resolved.

The membership fee issue reached boiling point on Tuesday when members were forced out of the Bellville taxi rank, leaving commuters to make alternative plans.

The situation became tense, forcing police and traffic officials to intervene.

However calm was restored hours later and taxi drivers were allowed into the rank once again.

The CATA's Paul Ruiters said he believes everything is back on track.

"There won't be any violence in the rank, this is a commitment that we as the association have given."

He said members also had issues surrounding the CATA's new leadership.

"They cannot run the operation anymore and feel offended by the member's decision not to choose them as leaders. Unfortunately, we have a structure, we have a constitution, we have everything in place and if they can't adhere to the constitution, measures must be taken."

A 59-year-old taxi operator was shot and killed at the Bellville Taxi Rank on 13 September.

He was in caught in the crossfire between two tax-drivers from rival associations.