Somalis 'saddened' by latest killings

Two Somali shopkeepers were in Philippi killed on Monday.

A Somali national stands outside his shop after it was petrol bombed in Mitchells Plain. Picture: Malungelo Booi/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Members of the Somali Crisis Group on Tuesday expressed their heartache following the murder of two Somali shopkeepers.

The men were shot and killed in Philippi on Monday.

Two armed men attacked them during a suspected robbery.

Police, however, could not confirm whether any money was taken from the deceased.

The group's Mahad Ormah Abdi said, "Every week a Somali gets killed. We are very sad."

The police are still investigating.

In July, Somali-owned spaza shops were attacked in Mitchells Plain and Valhalla Park.