Could Sanders have been saved?

There are questions about why Corrie Sanders wasn't admitted at Steve Biko Academic Hospital.

Former world heavyweight champion Corrie Sanders. Picture: Werner Beukes/SAPA

JOHANNESBURG - There are calls for an inquiry into why former world boxing champion Corrie Sanders was refused admission to Steve Biko Academic Hospital just hours before he died.

Sanders's family claims he was turned away after being shot during a robbery at a Brits restaurant because the shooting happened outside the Tshwane council's borders.

He died at Kalafong Hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Sanders was attending his nephew's 21st celebrations. The assailants made off with valuables from the patrons.

North West police are still searching for his three killers.

Gauteng Democratic Alliance spokesperson on health Jack Bloom says the former boxer's chances of survival would have been greater if he was admitted to Steve Biko Academic.

"Steve Biko Academic Hospital is a specialist hospital; he would have had a far better chance of surviving there than at Kalafong Hospital, which has a very poor reputation," said Bloom.

He said there should be an inquiry into the incident.

But Steve Biko Academic Hospital chief executive Ernest Kenoshi said it was highly unlikely that his hospital would turn someone away simply because he was shot in another province.