Sanders' children to receive counselling

Murdered boxer Corrie Sanders' children will receive trauma counselling on Tuesday.

Former heavy weight boxing champion Corrie Sanders. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - Murdered boxer Corrie Sanders' family on Monday said his children will undergo trauma counselling.

He was shot at a restaurant on Saturday, while attending his nephew's 21st birthday celebrations.

North West police are still searching for his three killers.

The assailants made off with valuables from the patrons.

Sanders died in Kalafong Hospital, west of Pretoria, in the hours of Sunday morning.

His ex-wife, Sunette Sanders, said her two children were still reeling from the shock of witnessing their father being shot.

"It has been a very rough time for my children. We want to get them help tomorrow [Tuesday] from someone who specialises in trauma [couselling]."

Sunette said the robbers kicked and slapped people before shots were fired.

She said her former husband tried to dive over his daughter when shots were fired.