Shout condemns Sanders' murder

Shout calls on everyone to unite in the fight against crime following the murder of Corrie Sanders.

Former heavy weight boxing champion Corrie Sanders. Picture: AFP

JOHANNESBURG - As the hunt continues on Monday for Corrie Sanders' killers, activist group Shout has called on South Africans to take a tougher stand against crime.

Sanders was shot during an armed robbery while attending his nephew's 21st birthday at a restaurant in Brits in the North West on Saturday.

He died in hospital early on Sunday.

Shout's Danny Koppel said, "We urge South Africans that if you're moved by Corrie's death and if you're as fed up as the rest of us, let's use it as inspiration to get involved. Let's be proactive and try and get our country back."

Sanders' family condemned private health institutions for refusing to admit him because he did not have medical aid.

The former boxing champion was reportedly also turned away from the Steve Biko Hospital because the shooting happened outside of Tshwane.

Meanwhile, Sanders' former promoter Rodney Burman said the news came just days before they were scheduled to meet following years of lost contact.

"It came as a huge shock particularly because I haven't been in contact with Corrie for the last three years.

He had coincidentally called on Thursday asking to see me."