SA celebrates Heritage Day

Most South Africans will be celebrating Heritage day enjoying a feast of favourites.

Braai time. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa marks its 17th Heritage Day on Monday.

Citizens have been encouraged to spend the day showcasing and celebrating its many dynamic traditions.

And even though most are focused on cultural attire and the arts, for others Heritage Day is a celebration through all things food.

Plans for many surround a table.

Whether it's a braai or a potjie, food forms a large part of the day's commemorations.

Food expert Anna Trapido said more needs to be done to preserve indigenous recipes.

"Often African food is trivialised in restaurant context"

For some like Soweto Hotel's Japhta Hatshejane, traditional food has taken a modern twist.

"I can now cook tripe in a hotel and that was not the case before. I feel very proud."

In years to come South Africa's food heritage will be identified by its diversity.