'Private clinics did not treat Sanders'

Family of Corrie Sanders say he could have been saved if private clinics had treated him.

Corrie Sanders won the World Boxing Organisation title by knocking out Wladimir Klitschko in the second round in 2003. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG/CAPE TOWN- The family of slain boxing legend Corrie Sanders on Sunday said his life could have been saved had he received urgent medical care.

Sanders was shot while attending his nephew's birthday celebration at a restaurant in Brits, North West on Saturday.

He died in hospital on Sunday morning.

Sanders' family said he was shot not far from a private hospital, but was rushed to Kalafong Hospital which is a state hospital, because he did not have medical aid.

His friend Kallie Knoetze said it was inhumane that people who in need of urgent medical care were turned away from private hospitals for this reason.

Sunette Sanders said the Steve Biko Hospital in Pretoria also refused to admit her ex-husband because he was shot outside of Tshwane.

The family said this tragedy is a perfect example of why government should relook at how the health system is run.

Meanwhile, The CEO of civil rights organisation AfriForum, Kallie Kriel, said the Sanders' murder sends out a strong reminder to South Africans.

Kriel was inside the restaurant when the robbers opened fire.

The bullets hit Sanders in the arm and stomach.

"I think this sends the message again that all of us should do everything we can to fight this kind of crime. It's unnecessary that people die."

Kriel said he was shocked to discover the person who had been shot was Sanders.

"We were all fans of Corrie, and this is what makes it even more shocking."

Police are investigating the matter.