Kriel recounts Sanders' last moments

AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel tells Eyewitness News that he saw Corrie Sanders after being shot.

Former heavy weight boxing champion Corrie Sanders. Picture: AFP

CAPE TOWN - AfriForum Chief Executive Officer Kallie Kriel on Sunday described to Eyewitness News how he witnessed the violent robbery which claimed the life of former heavy weight boxing champion Corrie Sanders.

Sanders died in hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning after he was shot in the stomach at the Thatch Haven Restaurant outside Brits, north-west of Pretoria.

He was attending a family member's 21st birthday celebration.

Kriel was told three men stole cell phones and other items before they opened fire outside the venue.

My children and their friends were playing outside and suddenly they came running in and said shots were fired and they hit trees above their heads. I ran outside and came across the sad situation, where Corrie was wounded."

Meanwhile, the owner of the restaurant, Johan de Jager, described how a group of men entered the restaurant and stole customers' valuables before opening fire.

"Three guys came inside and just started shooting. During the shooting, they shot Corrie."

Meanwhile, the local sporting community has expressed shock at Sanders' death.

An emotional Harold Volbrecht, who trained Sanders, said he could not believe what has happened.

"It's very sad. My heart is broken. It's just terrible. I can't believe it happened."