Endeavour says goodbye

America’s best space shuttle Endeavour is said to conclude her three-day journey before retirement.

Space shuttle Endeavour on it's farewell tour flies over Houston, Texas. Picture: Nasa.gov

CAPE TOWN - Space shuttle Endeavour is due to make the final leg of her journey into retirement in the California Science Centre Museum in Los Angeles on Friday.

Dubbed America's best shuttle, Endeavour has been on a three-day journey on the back of a specially-modified Boeing 747.

She landed at Edwards Air Force Base in California on Thursday, after several low-altitude passes over NASA Centres in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and Arizona.

NASA retired its shuttle fleet in 2011, after completing the US portion of the $100 billion international space station.

The incredible sight of a massive shuttle piggybacking on a jetliner has been greeted by thousands of enthusiasts.