EWN Exclusive: SARU asked to alter rules on foreign players

Southern Kings ask SARU to alter regulations on foreign players for Super Rugby 2013

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CAPE TOWN - Eyewitness New s can confirm that the Southern Kings on Thursday asked the South African Rugby Union (SARU) to alter their rules on the number of foreign players eligible to play for a South African Super Rugby franchise.

The Kings were guaranteed one season in next year's competition, at the expense of the relegated Lions.

They already confirmed the signings of Andries Straus, Steven Sykes and Demetri Catrakilis earlier this week.

President Cheeky Watson told Eyewitness News that they were in talks with a further nine high-quality players as they prepare for their debut season in Super Rugby under coach Alan Solomons.

Current SARU regulations stipulate that a maximum of two foreign qualified are allowed to be fielded by a South African Super Rugby Franchise.

But Watson told Eyewitness News that they spoke to SARU about possibly altering their rules, as they chase players for 2013.

"It's not a definite. That's why I say there are nine players (both foreign and South African). First choice is obviously a South African born and bred player, and we're going to reassess the situation as we go along".

When pushed as to whether they had specifically spoken to SARU about changing the rules, Watson replied in the affirmative.

He went on to say that with a number of signings yet to commit to them that they were unsure as to how many foreign players they would need SARU to clear on their behalf.

"It's not a decision that they really have to make. It's a decision that has to be made as we go along, because we may just land up being in a position that we don't have to sign any foreign player. So it's a situation that one will know in the next two weeks."

With two foreign signings allowed under the current regulations, Watson said he was happy with how it was received by the sport's bosses.

"It's not a real decision that's been made, it's just something that's on the table and we have to assess it at the end of every week. At this stage there are no foreign internationals that have