Let's award excellence - Zille

DA leader Helen Zille says race should no longer be the sole measurement for university admission.

DA leader Helen Zille. Picture: Niki McQueen.

CAPE TOWN - Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Helen Zille on Monday said race should no longer be the sole measurement for university admission.

Her speech formed part of the DA Student Organisation (Daso)'s campaign for the Student Representative Council (SRC) vote at the University of Cape Town.

Students asked the DA leader about her views on the university's entrance requirements and racial redress issues.

Zille spoke at length about educational reforms needed in South Africa.

But students quizzed Zille about her views on higher education redress.

She replied by saying race cannot be any university's sole measurement for equity.

"Our national policy has been obsessed with enforcing the lowest denominator, instead of supporting innovators and awarding excellence."

Zille spoke about narrowing the gap between the schooling system and universities, to ensure redress is effective.

She said grade 12 learners in the top five percent of every school should be admitted to university.

The issue of racial redress has been in the news lately, following Woolworths' stance on Employment Equity (EE).

The company came under fire for advertising for black, Indian and Coloured applicants only.

The retailer refuses to change its policies, saying it is commitment to transformation, despite threats of a boycott.