Suicide bomber kills four in Iraq

Sources say a Baghdad suicide bomber killed four and wounded 11 Iraqis close to the Green Zone.

File Picture: Aftermath of a suicide car bombing in Baghdad, Iraq. Picture: AFP

BAGHDAD - A suicide car bomber killed four Iraqis and wounded 11 others close to an entrance to Baghdad's fortified Green Zone, where several Western embassies are located, three police sources said on Monday.

The central area, known officially as the International Zone, houses diplomatic missions including the US embassy.

The blast was near Baghdad's July 14th suspension bridge which leads into the zone. Two of the four killed were soldiers, the sources said.

"Cars were lining up waiting to be searched at the checkpoint that leads to the Green Zone and suddenly a speeding car exploded nearby," said one police source whose patrol was stationed near the scene of the attack scene.

"Some people died inside cars and I saw two soldiers lying on the ground. We immediately closed the area," the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said.

The last attacks in the capital occurred on September 9 when a series of bombs in mainly Shi'ite Baghdad districts ended one of the bloodiest days of the year with more than 100 killed across the country.