Rivonia school row continues

School principal Carol Drysdale’s insubordination and misconduct disciplinary hearing will resume today.

Pupils outside Rivonia Primary School. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - The mother of a young pupil at the centre of the Rivonia Primary School row is expected to testify at the disciplinary hearing of principal Carol Drysdale on Wednesday.

The hearing is due to resume after technical arguments over the school's admission policy were heard on Tuesday.

Drysdale has been charged with insubordination and misconduct by the Gauteng Education Department because her school wanted to turn away a grade one pupil last year.

She has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

After a pre-hearing conference that was slammed as "unhelpful" by the disciplinary hearing chairman, and disagreements over policy, Drysdale's lawyers will continue to cross-examine the department's first witness.

The evidence so far has dealt with the Gauteng Department of Education's intervention and whether it was lawful.

Proceedings have also dealt with the validity of the school's admission policy.

The department plans to call another official, before it calls the pupil's mother.

The parent will be able to answer whether her daughter was enrolled at another school at the time, and whether political connections played any part in what happened.

The department's intervention saw the girl placed in a classroom, but led to an ongoing court battle.

The South Gauteng High Court ruled it was up to the provincial department, and not the school governing body, to determine the school's enrolment limit.

That desicion is being appealed by the governing body.

If there is enough time, Drysdale could also be called to give evidence today.

She claims she was caught in the middle between her bosses and the school's governing body.