Principal, dept reach settlement

School principal Carol Drysdale and the Education Department have reached a settlement.

Rivonia Primary principal Carol Drysdale speaks to her lawyers during a disciplinary hearing on 11 September 2012. Picture: Alex Eliseev/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - A settlement was reached in the disciplinary hearing of Rivonia Primary School principal Carol Drysdale.

She was charged with misconduct and insubordination in connection with the admission of a grade one pupil last year.

Drysdale will now change her plea to guilty, while the Gauteng Education Department will not seek to dismiss her.

The hearing came to an abrupt stop when a certain regulation was discovered.

Drysdale said she was not aware of the rule in question.

She admitted she would have acted differently if she had known the Head of Department (HoD) has the power to overrule the school's admission policy, and not the only the MEC.

The department and Drysdale's representatives were locked in talks for hours to reach a settlement and agree on a change of plea.

On Tuesday, the principal pleaded not guilty to the charges of misconduct and insubordination.

Now, the harshest punishment she will face is final written warning and a fine.

Lawyers were expected to submit written arguments in mitigation and aggravation of sentence.