Witness recounts Mngeni's actions

The court heard what Anni Dewani's alleged killer did the night of her murder.

Alleged gunman in the Anni Dewani murder, Xolile Mngeni, chats with his lawyers on 30 august 2012. Picture: Nathan Adams/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The actions of Anni Dewani's alleged killer, in the hours after she was murdered in 2010, were scrutinized in the Western Cape High Court on Thursday.

The 10th witness is a Khayelitsha man, who was a close friend of Xolile Mngeni.

He testified that shortly after midnight on 13 November 2010, Mngeni arrived at his home.

The state tried to prove that Mngeni did so shortly after shooting the 28-year-old honeymooner.

Mngeni showed very little emotion, as his close friend detailed his actions.

On Wednesday, Judge Robert Henney ruled that Mngeni, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumour, would be allowed to eat during court proceedings.

His lawyers have tried to prove that he is too ill to attend court proceedings.

Meanwhile, Mngeni has denied all the charges against him.

Two men have already been convicted for their roles in the murder.

They implicated Mngeni and Shrien Dewani in the crime.

Dewani, who is reportedly suffering from post-traumatic stress, has denied any involvement in the crime.