Maqubela murder case postponed

A judge orders the prosecution to find the plastic allegedly used to suffocate Patrick Maqubela.

Murder accused widow Thandi Maqubela and her lawyer in Cape Town on 6 September 2012. Picture: Catherine Rice/EWN

CAPE TOWN - A judge on Thursday ordered the prosecution to find the piece of cling wrap allegedly used to suffocate acting Judge Patrick Maqubela.

Defence lawyer Marius Broeksman wants to see the exhibit and has indicated he may send it for further testing.

Thandi Maqubela and Vela Mabena have been charged with the murder of the acting judge, whose body was found in his Bantry Bay flat in June 2009.

The deceased has been accused of having extramarital affairs.

Judge John Murphy suspended the cross-examination of crime scene investigator Andries Pistorius.

He told the prosecution to find the piece of plastic, which the state believes, was used to suffocate Maqubela.

Earlier this week, the court heard testimony about fingerprints found on the plastic. The thumb and palm prints of murder accused, Maqubela, were allegedly lifted from it.

The state must also furnish the defence with a statement from fingerprint expert, Trevor Phillips, and a copy of the exhibit register.

The case will resume on Monday.