Presidency studying salary dispute case

The Presidency says its taking legal advice on court ruling on the remuneration of magistrates.

President Jacob Zuma

JOHANNESBURG - The Presidency on Wednesday said it was taking legal advice on a North Gauteng High Court ruling relating to the remuneration of magistrates across South Africa.

On Monday, the court set aside President Jacob Zuma's decision to give officials a five percent raise.

The Association of Regional Magistrates of Southern Africa took the matter to court to argue that its members had received a decrease in salary, due to current inflation rates.

The Judicial Officers Association of South Africa called on Zuma not to appeal the ruling, so he can spare magistrates another lengthy and expensive court battle.

The group said the salaries and benefits magistrates receive were very low, to a point that some considered applying for jobs as prosecutors.

Presidential spokesperson Mac Maharaj said it was too early to determine whether an appeal would be lodged.

"Our legal experts are busy studying the ruling so they can advise the president appropriately."

Zuma has two weeks to appeal the matter.