Zuma loses salary dispute case

The Association of Regional Magistrates of Southern Africa described the ruling as a victory.

Justice in Action

JOHANNESBURG - The Association of Regional Magistrates of Southern Africa on Tuesday described a court ruling it obtained against President Jacob Zuma over a salary dispute as a "victory".

The North Gauteng High Court ordered the president to reconsider salary increases for magistrates.

Officials complained about low salaries, despite the increasing workload.

In some cases, magistrates earn less than top public prosecutors but were unable to earn money elsewhere or go on strike to demand raises.

The association's former president Hein Louw said the judgment is a vindication.

"It is a constitutional victory for regional magistrates."

The challenge was against a decision taken by Zuma in 2012, based on the recommendation of the Independent Commission for the Remuneration of Public Office Bearers.

It proposed that magistrates receive a pay increase of only 5 percent.

Zuma and the commission have two weeks to appeal the ruling.