UN looks at SA security company

The UN has claimed Sterling Corporate Services provided a private army for the Puntland president.

President Abdirahman Farole.

JOHANNESBURG - The United Nations (UN) on Saturday called for an investigation into South African-based security company, Sterling Corporate Services, after it was allegedly involved in raising an army for the Puntland president.

A report by the UN said the company was responsible for providing the private army for President Abdirahman Farole.

In its report, the UN monitoring group in Somalia said the company was responsible for torturing new recruits and organising operations against the president's enemies.

In one incident, the company helped orchestrate an aerial attack on a village where seven residents lost their lives.

The report accuses the South African government of failing to fulfill its international obligations to control the transfer of weapons out of the country and to curb mercenary activities.

The UN monitors also said requests for assistance from South Africa to aid the investigation remained unheeded.