Marlboro residents rifle through rubble after fire

Several people were injured in a fire in Marlboro, while hundreds more remain displaced.

Children were left stranded after the factory fire in Marlboro, Johannesburg, on 1 September, 2012. Picture: Govan Whittles/EWN.

MARLBORO - Residents affected by a fire in Marlboro on Saturday were on Sunday searching through the rubble of an abandoned factory to find any of their personal belongings.

Several people were injured in the fire while hundreds more remain displaced.

Residents say nearly 200 makeshift shacks were destroyed in the two-storey abandoned ice cream factory.

Half of the building's roof was destroyed and smoke was still rising from the ashes on Sunday.

Some of the affected slept on the pavement outside the factory on Saturday night, after they were given blankets and food by the city's disaster management team.

Several children are playing in parts of the ruins, where men have gathered to take down the factory's metal frame.

Some of the residents said they have been living in the factory since 2004 and are now stranded without food, water or shelter.