Defence cross-examines Dewani witness

A state witness in the Anni Dewani murder trial recounted events leading up to the crime.

Anni Dewani’s jewellery is shown to the Western Cape High Court on 27 August 2012. Picture: Nathan Adams/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Defence lawyers on Tuesday asked Mziwamadoda Qwabe about the events leading up to the murder of British tourist Anni Dewani.

Qwabe is a key witness in the trial of alleged hitman Xolile Mngeni.

He insists Mngeni knew about the request for payment of R15,000 and that the crime needed to look like a hijacking gone wrong.

Defence lawyer Mathews Dayimane tried to piece together phone calls made between taxi driver Zola Tonga and Qwabe.

Qwabe insists Mngeni was present when they received the call to set up the murder and even negotiated payment.

He also told the Western Cape High Court he was not armed and did not fire any shots when they stopped Tongo and the newlyweds.

Dayimane stressed Qwabe's actions were always premeditated.

Qwabe said he took kitchen gloves with him when he knew they were going to murder Anni.

He said he handed Mngeni the firearm days before the shooting.

Mngeni showed little emotion as Qwabe recounted his alleged actions.

During one of the short recesses, Anni's father Vinod Hindocha walked over to where police evidence was on display.

He stared at the gun, bullet casings and his daughter's jewellery.

Anni was gunned down while on honeymoon in Cape Town back in November 2010.

Mngeni has implicated Anni's husband, Shrien Dewani, in his testimony.

However, the British businessman has denied any involvement in the murder and is currently undergoing treatment for emotional stress.

Dewani's extradition hearing will resume in 2013.

Both Qwabe and Tongo have already been sentenced for the crime.