Boeremag member apologises

Convicted Boeremag member Jurie Vermeulen told the court he was sorry for causing harm.

Some of the Boeremag accused being led to the holding cells in the North Gauteng High court. Picture: Barry Bateman/EWN

PRETORIA - A Free State farmer who was convicted of high treason in the Boeremag trial on Tuesday said he was sorry for what he had done.

He made the comments in the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria.

Last week, Judge Eben Jordaan concluded delivering his judgment in the nine year-long trial.

The matter will take another three weeks to complete as the judge hands down sentences.

Jurie Vermeulen's lawyer, Bernard Bantjies, told the court his client regarded the Boeremag matter as a "closed chapter in his life".

Vermeulen said he was sorry for any harm he caused to society and government, adding he had no plans of being involved in extremist activities again.

The 44-year-old spent nearly eight years behind bars, before being released on bail in June 2010.

During the trial, the court heard Vermeulen played a minor role in the Boeremag's plan to overthrow the ANC-led government.