Shack fires kill two in Cape Town

Two separate shack fires in Cape Town have claimed the lives of two people this weekend.

Shacks devastated by fire. Picture: Eyewitness News.

CAPE TOWN - In Cape Town, two people have died in two separate shack fires this weekend.

One person was killed and six homes destroyed at an informal settlement in the suburb of Heideveld.

Another man was burnt beyond recognition in Khayelitsha when his shack caught alight and he could not escape.

Cape Town disaster management spokesperson Wilfred Solomons-Johannes said the police were investigating both incidents.

Meanwhile in Johannesburg, a fire in Malvern near the city centre completely destroyed a block of shops.

Johannesburg emergency services spokesperson Robert Mulaudzi said no injuries were reported and the cause of the blaze was yet to be determined.

"Luckily there was no activity around the time of the fire."