1time staff to keep jobs - union

Solidarity says a decision not to retrench 1time workers has boosted morale among workers.

Airline 1time. Picture: KaliwiseOnline.com

JOHANNESBURG - Trade union Solidarity on Friday said a decision not to retrench workers at 1time airline has boosted morale among workers.

At least 25 percent of employees at the airline's subsidiary Jetworx face retrenchment due to financial difficulties.

The airline has applied for business rescue, saying that it has about R320 million in short-term debt.

Earlier in 2012, low-cost airline Velvet Sky went into liquidation after failing to convince a court that it was a candidate for business rescue.

Solidarity's Marius Croucamp said he is confident that 1time will pull through.

"If one thinks about previous airlines that have gone into liquidation, we see a much more transparent process."